About Us


Raffaele. Born and raised in Napoli, degree in foreign languages and history of art, after worked in Spain, England and Czech Republic came back in his hometown to develop this project. He’s a professional tour leader and knows the city streetlife and culture very well, moreover he is passionate about his history. Is proudly one of that crazy vespa riders of town and a SSC Napoli supporter.


Hi everybody, my name is Marco. I was born in Naples in August 1986. I lived two years about in Barcelona where I learned English, Spanish and French languages. After this experience I decided to come back in Naples and to work with tourists. In every tour I do I try to transmit to the people the neapolitan daily life and the different aspects of this incredible city: art, history, culture, geography, traditions etc… Come to visit Napoli with us, for me the most beautiful city in the world!!!

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