- Low Districts -

Blood and Misteries

From Middle-Age to the 19th century “Risanamento” facts and legends of the Old town: from headache to beheading

Our path (2,00 Km. about) includes:


  • Piazza Bovio (metro Universit√†)
  • Cerriglio
  • p.zza S. Maria la Nova
  • palazzo Penne
  • S. Giovanni maggiore Pignatelli
  • ¬†Fontana di Spina Corona
  • Grande Archivio
  • s. Arcangelo a Baiano
  • piazza Mercato – s. Eligio
  • san Giovanni a mare- 4 Palazzi


Time 2 hours about
Price Tips based
Meeting point Piazza Bovio (metro Università)
Ending point Piazza 4 Palazzi

Dates and Times

Bird’s eye view of the meeting point

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