- Old Town -

The beating heart of Naples

Via Tribunali is the most chaotical and full-of-life street of town, where sacred and profane live together. Walk with us throughout monumental churches, rests of greek theater and the smell of the best pizza worldwide, to understand the contraddiction of Napoli. 

Our path (2,00 Km. about) includes:

  • Piazza Dante and the bookshop of Port’Alba
  • Piazza Bellini
  • Via Tribunali
  • Via Anticaglia and the greek- roman theatre
  • Piazza San Gaetano
  •  San Gennaro’s obelisk
  • Pizzeria “da Michele”
Time2 hours about
PriceTips based
Meeting pointPiazza Dante (under the dante’s statue)
Ending pointPizzeria Da Michele


Dates and Times


28/06h. 10.30English
29/06h. 17.00English
30/06h. 17.00English
Mondayh. 17.00English
Wednesdayh. 17.00English
Thursdayh. 10.30English
Fridayh. 17.00English



Bird’s eye view of the meeting point

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